Meet Promdi Boy

Hello, thank you for visiting my space!
My name is John Aries Tudla or you can call me Aries. I'm from the province (a.k.a Promdi) of Nueva Ecija, Philippines. I grew up in the small community of San Felipe Matanda, Aliaga - just an hour away from the city of Cabanatuan (former capital of our province - Wala lang. May masabi lang sa Cabanatuan. Haha)

I started blogging way back in 2009 during my college days (previously I created this blog just to express my feelings and random thoughts about love (well, in short my "jejemon" days. Haha ☺ )

Last November of 2014, I decided to open this webpage again and continue to write seriously (I will try to write in serious manner but no promises) This is the time when The Promdi Boy Adventures was born.

According to Urban Dictionary, the word "Promdi" is a Filipino modern word for people or a person who grew up in the province then goes to the city (usually in Manila). That's totally me! :)

What to expect in this blog?
This blog is my own little space where I write about my different adventures and anything that calls my attention. You can expect a lot of crazy ideas, cool stories, awesome photos and (most of the time) nonsense posts. (Pero minsan mahirap talagang umasa, masasaktan ka lang. Kaya wag ka nalang mag-expect! ♥)

Where to find The Promdi Boy?
I'm currently working as a brand warrior in a Filipino manufacturing company. (Wag mo ng tanungin sweldo ko, hindi ko rin naman sasabihin. Haha) You can see me roaming around the city of Manila. Just call my name and I'll be there.

As of writing, I am now working outside the country but still as a brand warrior. Yes, I am officially OFW. I am currently based in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

What is love?
Love? I believe that love makes the world go round. Lahat naman tayo nagmahal, nagmamahal, at magmamahal pa. Maghintay ka lang!

God is love <3

Who is your first crush?
Wait, about me section lang to, hindi ito slum book. Haha!

If you want to know me better, tara inuman usap tayo! ☺

Thank you and hope to see you in my next adventure!

Well, you can me Saudi Boy as well! :)



  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA wala akong masabi promdi boy.

    1. HIYA ARIES I grew up in Kalk Bay South Africa Near to Cape Town. Kalk Bay was settled by Phillipinos 100s of years ago, some were from the US gunship Alabama and Felix Florez was one of my ancestors. many Kalk Bay residents still have the same names showing their heritage, de la Cruz, Fernandez, Pepino, Gomez, girls names like Terasita, Santiago, Cyrillia, Maria, Marie. Bernadette My family tree was Felix Florez and Maria Chapman, (I'll have to goto the Phillipines to look up his heritage. then Christian May Adams, John Samson Adams x2 Henry Adams then my Dad John Samson Adams and then me Sean Adams

  2. I don't know how I got here, but I am glad I did.

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    2. Haha, thanks for visiting my own little space! :)

  3. Nice blog Aries! Hehehe. Also a Nuffnanger? :)

    1. Thanks Chris! :) You have a nice blog also :)

      Yep, nuffnanger here :)

  4. Hey bro! I'm glad that I saw your page in bloggers community page. Continue what you're doing and continue inspiring others. I'm a fan! Reading some of your post and it really inspires me continue blogging. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hi Vinz,

      Thanks for droppin' by! You have a nice blog also :) Hope to see you in some blogging events :)


  5. Novo Ecijano here :D

    Nice Blog !
    SImple and funny

  6. Wow. Amazed that you're novo ecijano. Are you somehow related or do you know Christian Mark Tudla, i believe he's also from Aliaga. Btw, awesome and funny blog. keep it up. :)

    1. Yay, cousin ko yata siya! Haha

      Thank you for visiting my space! ^^

  7. Hi promdi boy! :) :)

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