Wanted PUSHER!

Let me ask you one question; if you were to be born again, do you still want to be a Filipino? Think for a minute.

Whatever comes in your mind, it’s the result of who you are today. Filipinos are becoming more and more attracted to the impact of colonial culture. A lot of people think that being a Filipino is “inferior” among others. Why not think on the other way around?

According to John Maxwell, leadership is the capacity to influence others but would it be better if we add something to his definition as “Leadership is the capacity to influence others in good things through love and service”?  There are lot of influences around us that brought changes in the hearts and minds of Filipinos. Leadership is not just influencing others but it’s a mission to be accomplished towards same goal in a positive way. A lot of leaders in our society today are suffering from abuse of power and authority; love for country is just secondary.

We can be a leader in our own true self. Following traffic rules, obeying your parents, throwing of garbage to the right trash can, and many more. Learning to say NO to evil is just one way of leading yourself to the right path. Those many little things are just “little” unless you do it for others.

Now, you’re still thinking that you’re part of those little parasites following just the norms and trends in the society? Think.

If you passed the first stage of being a true-blooded Filipino, then it’s time for you to step higher than expected. Leadership is just an influence; passing the virus of goodness to others. So, how it will become a servant leadership?

Do you know commitment? Exactly! Commitment is a word that just simply talks about what you prioritize and value in life. What is your passion?

Living in the world of mediocrity is a challenge accepted by many. Life is unfair, but you must to play with it. Your passion will drive you to what you want to achieve. It’s the existence of love on whatever you’re doing. Commitment follows after your passion. Love what you’re doing, and then the rest will fall in line.

Lead, commit and then serve; that’s the correct formula for having a peaceful and liberal country. A lot of people forget the value of service to others. We are all Filipinos created in image and likeness of God. Service for one another is just a right solution to kill those parasites in the society.

Service is all about giving and sharing. Why “service” is on the last recipe? Always remember that you cannot give what you do not have. So before helping others, you must satisfy yourself and enrich with good values and willingness.

The last question is who will do those crazy things to uplift the nation? Do we still need to be killed at the middle of Luneta Park to become a hero? No! We must born again and rejuvenate the spirit of true Filipino. We need a pusher who will drive us to the right track; a pusher who will strengthen our faith to do something good for others.

You, my fellow citizen, are you willing to become a PUSHER of this nation? You are Juanted!

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  1. Proud to be Pinoy!

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