Miss Universe 2012 Results

Isa na namang dahilan kung bakit ka magiging proud maging Pinoy!

The Winners!
Miss Universe 2012: OLIVIA CULPO, USA
1st Runner-Up: Janine Tugonon, Philippines
2nd Runner-Up: Irene Esser, Venezuela
3rd Runner-Up: Renae Ayris, Australia
4th Runner-Up: Gabriela Markus, Brazil

Best in National Costume winner is: Miss China: Ji Dan Xu

The Top 5
1 – Miss Venezuela: Irene Esser
2 – Miss Philippines: Janine Tugonon
3 – Miss Australia: Renae Ayris
4 – Miss USA: Olivia Culpo
5 – Miss Brazil: Gabriela Markus

Miss Congeniality is Miss Guatemala, Laura Godoy!

The Top 10
1 – Miss Australia: Renae Ayris
2 – Miss Russia: Elizabetha Golovanova
3 – Miss Brazil: Gabriela Markus
4 – Miss France: Anne Payet
5 – Miss Venezuela: Irene Esser
6 – Miss USA: Olivia Culpo
7 – Miss Hungary: Agnes Konkoly
8 – Miss South Africa: Melinda Bam
9 – Miss Mexico: Karina Gonzalez
10 – Miss Philippines: Janine Tugonon

The Top 16
1- Miss Venezuela: Irene Esser
2- Miss Turkey: Cagil Özkul
3- Miss France: Marie Payet
4- Miss Peru: Nicole Faverón
5- Miss Russia: Elizabetha Golovanova
6- Miss Mexico: Karina González
7- Miss Poland: Marcelina Zawadzka
8- Miss Hungary: Agnes Konkoly
9- Miss South Africa: Melinda Bam
10- Miss Philippines: Janine Tugonon
11- Miss Croatia: Elizabeta Burg
12- Miss Brazil: Gabriela Markus
13- Miss Kosovo: Diana Avdiu
14- Miss Australia: Renae Ayris
15- Miss India: Shilpa Singh
16- Miss USA: Olivia Culpo

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