If i has to choose between loving you, and breathing. I would use my last breath to say I LOVE YOU.




Hahaha. Happy Birthday daw! Its been a long time! hahahha Grrr! I know you're in a good place right now!
(dancing?) hahahaha. Goodluck. Well. This is it. We may not look each other often but my heart is yours until my last breathe end. :)
Wrong gramming?

BUZZ. I am so busy. Sana maintindihan mo. :) Malapit nman na ako maka-graduate. *WISH!

Since this is your 3rd birthday. (birthday talaga) May gift ako sayo. to oh...

5 4 3 2 1

Palakpakan! Happy Birthday. hahahha peace. nagalit na oh? Smile.

I know we will never look in the eyes but we will look into our hearts. :) Sorry for the things that made you cry at night. But see. LOVE HURTS! :]

Thanks for the memories. I will never forget you. Naging bahagi ka na ng buhay ko. 19 is the most significant number in my life. EVER!

hahhahahah. Blog. Blog. Kapag nakita ko blog mo. Patay ka sakin. Ka-blogin kita jan! hahahahhah

Status: Sleepy
Location: Nook

W A I T I N G . . .

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