5 Smart Ways to Do More with Less at Home

Who says you can't do "more" with "less"?

Yes, you can do more things with less resources, less time, less effort and less stress if you know how to handle things.

Let's face it: Household chores are endless; budget is always tight; and time is always limited.

Being an independent young professional living in the metro, managing my daily household tasks is really a burden. Minsan, kaylangan ko pa humingi ng advise sa Nanay ko in Nueva Ecija to ask for some tips.

Yes, being a "promdi" is a tough job. I need to learn more and adjust in this fast pace environment. So if you're one of the "promdis" managing their own lives, well I guess this 5 smart ways to do more with less at home is for you!

They say success doesn't just happen. Proper planning make things happen. For example, if you need to do your grocery, plan ahead! Never leave your home without your grocery list. Based on my personal experience, this is to avoid unnecessary items or "impulse buying".

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Also, another thing that I observed, don't enter the supermarket if you're hungry. Yes, napatunayan ko na yan. This will entice you to buy MORE food items! Prioritize what is most important and think twice for the nice-to-haves!

There are lot of ways to do more with your limited time. In this day and age, nothing is impossible. Paying bills, booking a flight, reserving hotels, or even sending flowers, you can do it online! Make sure you transact with trusted websites and e-commerce sites.

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For instance, I remit money via an online app of my partner bank. This will save you time and energy every pay day.

What do I mean by be a member? There are lot of loyalty programs coming up each year. You can get more savings if you avail their membership scheme. What are the advantage? Earn points, avail discounts and even be prioritize for some services!

Everytime I made a decision, these are the two things that I always consider: First, I go for low price with low quality or I invest on high quality products yet a little but pricey? My answer is it depends. If you can get the same quality product with a more affordable price, go for it! Wala namang masama kung susubukan diba? But always remember, don't sacrifice the quality!

Sometimes, we need to inject some common sense everytime we make a decision specially at home. We need to be smart in choosing which brand to buy.

Hate doing the laundry? Then choose the right washing machine.

Do you want to dress to impress? Then choose the perfect iron for your clothes!

Want to satisfy your "chef-at-heart" dream? Then start investing on some cooking appliances!

If you know how to choose among the different household brands available in the market, you can save time for your family and less time for the chores, more savings with less expenses, more wellness with less stress, and more care with less worry.

*This blog post is in support of the #DoMoreWithLess advocacy led by Electrolux Philippines.

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