4 Simple Tips Before Attending a Quiz Night in Manila

If you and your friends are planning to attend a Quiz Night in Manila one of these days, make sure you have enough "baon" information and right amount of competitiveness to conquer this cool brain exercise.

Last January 29, I got an invite from Martin Buen to join the first Quiz Night of Sage Bar, Shangri-La, Makati. Unfortunately, there were last minute changes on the venue; from Sage Bar to Gramercy to A.Venue Suites. Anyways, thanks to Granvia Cafe at A.Venue Suites for making this awesome night possible :)

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The event started around 8:00 in the evening with a total of eleven diverse groups from different walks of life. My team is composed of bloggers + friends. This is my first Quiz Night experience so every single moment was very memorable (sabi nga nila, first time is always the best and unforgettable Haha).

So if you're ready, get your pen and take note of these 4 simple tips before attending a Quiz Night event:
1. Browse the internet
Be updated with all the latest happenings around the world by surfing the net and reading news articles. Quiz Night covers various topics like pop culture, music, food and travel, film, arts and culture or in short, anything under the sun. So to survive up to the last round of Quiz Night, make sure you are fully-equipped by simply browsing the World Wide Web.

2. Stay Alert and Awake!
Pay attention to details and stay alert. Questions may be in a form of visual presentation, fill in the blanks or music and lyrics. Some Quiz Night may last until 12:00 midnight so focus and make sure you have enough sleep prior to the event. 

3. Team up with a diverse group
One of the significant factors to win a Quiz Night is the dynamics your group. It is an advantage if you have a diverse set of members - techie, movie fanatic, fashionista, sporty, etc.

4. Enjoy and have fun!
The most important thing about joining a Quiz Night is the moment with your friends. Enjoy the night with your favorite foods and drinks and don't forget to have fun!

There you go! Just make sure to note these 4 simple tips before attending a Quiz Night event. I would love to hear your own experience...soon. :)

Good luck! :)

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  1. I have never been to a quiz night but it seems so much fun. Thank you for the tips. I am excited to go to my first ever quiz night ( :

  2. Sana makaattend din ako ng Quiz Night! Geeky much. :)


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