5 Things You Should Learn From Facebook [A Reflection]

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Social networking site is one of the best places on earth. You can live differently from offline world to your online status. Everyone can play a role and every role plays an important aspect to the lives of everyone. This can be beneficial or some will destroy your self-image. While getting in with these cool trends in the world, I’m also playing an important character in this social media era, particularly in Facebook. So allow me to share the 5 things I learned from this journey:
1. Friend Requests
No one is an island, an old cliché but definitely works in Facebook. I learned that the more friends you have; the better you are as a person. Life in the online world seems to be easy especially in gaining friends. But I realized that as what’s happening in the real world, is the same thing with social networking sites. You will meet some pretenders, auto-likers, and posers as well. It’s not an easy task to accept friends so better watch out for those people.

2. Like and Comment
Have you experienced posting a status without any like or comment? What’s your reaction? What did you feel? Facebook integrates the Like and Comment button to actually measure how good you are as a friend, how humorous person you are when cracking jokes, or just they don’t care about you. In the real world, everyone needs affirmation. A lot of people seek for approval, recognition or just simple assertion. Life is a matter of appreciation. Take a look into your actions, how many likes did you garnered? Is there a positive comment? Think.

3. Post and Share
We are living in the world of mediocrity but it’s up to us on how we handle those hurdles and burdens that we are experiencing. Sometimes, we just smile on it and move forward on the next day. Post whatever you want, share whatever you like. Be yourself. Don’t be afraid to share the real you and never mind what other people is saying about you because it’s not their business anymore.

4. Delete
There will come a time that you need to let go of the things you used to do, things you used to have and believe for something new, something big. Never be afraid to take the risks. Delete your bad habits and negative traits.

5. Change profile picture
How many times you change your profile picture? Are you trying to be someone else? Or you just don’t want other people know the real you? Life is matter of choice. It’s a matter of choosing the right people to trust. Remember that the biggest blessing in our life is simply the presence of people who care much, whose love is for real and see you us much as beyond ourselves.

From all the challenges I learned, I understand that someone stands behind, silently loving us; reaching out a hand when we’ve fallen; encouraging us when we’re tested and in fear; understanding us when no one does; pointing us the light when we’re in the dark, and dying for us to give us life. A friend who deserves a thousand likes and a million “thank you” comments, none other than………Jesus.

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