MarkProf Foundation

We dream of using our knowledge of marketing and leadership to positively and radically change lives.

We dream of being a community that could be a catalyst for positive change – of being the movers and shakers of society in our own rights.

We are life-changers and life-changers driven by a flaming passion for marketing.


The Legacy: The Search for Excellence

It began in 2004 as a small dream of a few people with big hearts. As fate brought these two people–Diosdado “Ding” Salvador, the first regional president of Johnson & Johnson Asean Consumer Group of Companies, and Josiah Go, celebrated marketing guru and Chief Marketing Strategist of Mansmith & Fielders–together, the dream flourished and became a reality in the form of the Markprof Foundation, Inc. The dream is to develop future leaders today , to uplift the Marketing education in the country, and to give equal opportunities to talented individuals from all over the nation. Five years later, the dream lives on in the lives of the young, bright minds whose lives the foundation has changed.

For the past years since 2004, thousands of brilliant and intellectual students all over the country go through a rigorous selection process to be part of the coveted and prestigious search for the MarkProf’s Top 25 Marketing Management Trainees of the nation.

At the end of the screening process, only 25 senior college students will get the chance to go through a 7-week challenging and intensive bootcamp to bring out the best in them. These 25 individuals will have the opportunity to learn from the best practitioners in the fields of marketing and sales management. The 25 students are also coached on leadership by carefully-selected mentors across industries to complement their marketing and sales training.

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