Promdi Boy survived the #PioneerAdventure Challenge!

Yes, you read it right! I survived the #PioneerAdventure Challenge!

Last October 24, 2015, Pioneer Insurance invited me to take the first ever #PioneerAdventure Challenge together with other bloggers in Metro Manila. We went to Kampo Trexo in Alfonso Cavite for a whole day of adventure.

We arrived at Kampo Trexo around 8:00 in the morning and all of us were really drowsy. When we enter the camp, I already had an idea that it will be a fun and extreme activity!

Breakfast was served and each of us received a travel kit. Of course, we were insured prior to the event through the Pioneer’s Travel Buddy Adventure. This new travel insurance product comes with 30-day coverage while traveling via land, water, or air despite the number of trips you take. With this, we can leave our what-ifs behind and travel worry-free!

After the warm-up and preps, we continue to the main challenge. Syempre, excited kaming lahat kung ano ang mangyayari! Ang yes, Believe it or not, we survived these challenges:

CHALLENGE #1: The Musical
(a.k.a Yell / Cheer Competition)

The most difficult among the challenges is the cheering competition. Grabe, nag-effort kaming lahat dito. Haha! We were divided into four groups:

Blue Team:

Red Team: 

Green Team: 

..and last but not the least, the Yellow Team!

Syempre, todo bigay ang Yellow Team. Stay tuned for the video upload on Pioneer Insurance FB Page :)

CHALLENGE #2: Rappelling

After the appetizer, this is it! All members of the group shall pass through this wall via rappelling.

Pwede din magback-out but of course, there’s a minus point. Sa awa ng sangkalupaan, lahat naman kami ay nakatapos ng challenge na ito! Wooooahhhh!!!! Just to tell you honestly, sobrang kaba ako because that was my first rappelling experience. Syempre, hindi ko nalang pinahalata. Insured naman ako! Haha! 

CHALLENGE #3: Wall-Climbing

Right after rappelling, it’s time to level up. Yes, this was my first wall-climbing experience. Sabi nga nila, there’s a first time for everything.

So this first time experience was really memorable. Thanks to our ever super mega supportive yellow team leader, Noy. He helped us survived this challenge. I will never forget the #LikeAFrog technique when climbing a wall! Haha!

This is the #LikeAFrog pose:

HAHA! Before we proceed to the next challenge, we had our BOODLE FIGHT:

CHALLENGE #4: Obstacle Course

Siesta time is exercise time! We were on our fourth challenge when rain started to fall. Medyo nagpahirap ito sa mga challengers and yet we endure the cold weather and wet soil.

CHALLENGE #5: High Ropes

We were down to our last challenge and I can still see the competitiveness of each members. The last challenge was all about HIGH ROPES. The MVP of each team were called to take the final course – combination of different high rope challenges.

At the end of the day, Blue was proclaimed as the overall winner. We didn’t expect anything, kaya okey lang. We just enjoyed every single moment because we believe that winning is about conquering your inner fear. (Pampalubag loob kumbaga!) HAHA!

So if you’re a traveler or into extreme adventures whether land or water activities, the Pioneer Travel Buddy Adventure insurance is for you!

Travel Buddy Adventure covers the expenses that may arise in case accidents happen while doing adventurous activities and hobbies such as spelunking, white-water rafting, and windsurfing. It also entitles you to a maximum benefit of Php100,000.

Here’s the complete list of adventurous activities covered by Travel Buddy Adventure:

Land Activities 
Water Activities
Sports (Amateur) 
Banana boat
Bridge walking
Roller Blading (no racing)
Bungee jumping
Cave or River Tubing
Canopy ride
Canopy walking
Dragon boating
Target Rifle Shooting
Canyon Swinging
Fly fish

Free Fall
Jet Ski

Horseback Riding

Hot Air Ballooning

Mountain Climbing

Parasailing/ Windsurfing

Rock Climbing

Rift walking

Sand boarding
Rock Climbing


Tree Drop
Scuba diving


Whale Shark Diving

Zip Lining


Water Skiing

White-water rafting


For Php 200, you can get this insurance package that covers you for 30 days regardless of how many trips you take. It is available online via Insure Shop, an Insurance Commission-approved one-stop shop where you can get yourself, your loved ones, and even your prized possessions covered with the products tailor-made for your every need.

Visit to get covered today – and have the time of your life!

Thanks to Pioneer Insurance and Fleishman Hillard who invited me to take this challenge. I really had fun!

See you again in my next adventure! 

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