Locavore Kapitolyo: Filipino comfort food made fun and creative

Kapitolyo in Pasig is one of the best food places in the Philippines. You can find a variety of good food and delightful dishes in different restaurants and bars poppin' around the area. With its perfect location, Kapitolyo easily captured the hearts (and stomach) of foodies and yuppies around the metro. (Dahil dito, medyo nakabisado ko na ang buong Kapitolyo. Haha)

If you're following me on Instagram, you will see my new food paradise discovery in Kapitolyo, Pasig - the Locavore Kitchen and Drinks.

Locavore (pronounced as /ˈlōkəˌvôr/) is a new big hit to Filipino appetite as they give a new twist on various pinoy dishes. According to Chef Mikel Zaguirre, Locavore is named after an actual term that describes a diner who consciously eats food that is grown, raised, or produced locally.

They just opened last year but you can see a huge and positive feedback about this restaurant and this is what I'm going to share with you! (Don't worry, I'll be honest ☺)

The Food
It was a very unexpected and last minute invite to the Acoustic Night of Locavore last Tuesday when I finally got a chance to try their creative Filipino comfort foods! During our dinner, we had a Street Food Platter for appetizer – combinations of fish balls, Squid Balls, Kikiam and Kwek-Kwek, that comes with Manong’s Sauce, Sweet Chili and Honey Vinegar. 
Street Food Platter P200.00

Also, we had Singkamas, Mangga at Bagoong for the next batch of appetizer - another pinoy pangpagana to start a good food! You can choose from Patis-Asukal, Chili Smoked Rock Salt, Pickled Organic Cucumber and Onion for the dip or your “sawsawan”. 
Singkamas, Mangga at Bagoong P180.00

After the appetizers is the main course (of course! HAHA). To help me review this, I selected my TOP 4 FAVORITE DISHES!

First on the list is the Kare-Kare Wings. This is my top personal favorite because I am an avid fan of peanut butter. It comes with special mayonnaise and of course the “bagoong” on the side. The chicken is like the usual Buffalo wings but they got a new twist on it by adding a taste Kare-Kare – a very pinoy dish, and topped with hilaw na mangga. Perfect for pulutan
Kare-Kare Wings P290.00

My second favorite is the Ginataang Kalabasa. This creamy version of Locavore’s Ginataang Kalabasa gave me an impression of “nothing special” until I finally tasted it. I was wrong! This is the best Ginataang Kalabasa for me! Hindi siya nakaka-suya! It has sautéed French beans, creamy coconut milk, and marble potatoes topped with Locavore’s porkchop and shrimp. Delicious! 
Ginataang Kalabasa P390.00

Next on the list is the Locavore’s unique and creative rendition of Dinuguang Lechon. This is my first time to hear about this food so I was very excited to try this one – a simple idea of combining Lechon and Dinuguan (in our province, dinuguan is called “tinumis”). I like how they mix lechon belly and dinuguan sauce with borkchoy garlic confit and cherry tomato – they complement each other! 
Dinuguang Lechon P550.00

Last but not the least the Sugpo Con Mayonesa. Just a quick background, I really love prawns and shrimps so whenever I go to Visayas and Mindanao I always make sure that I will try their own versions! This time, Locavore gave justice to this Jumbo Black Tiger Prawns! My only issue in this viand is that it’s too oily and I’m not sure if it’s because of the Japanese Mayoinnaise. But overall, it’s truly masarap! ☺
Sugpo Con Mayonesa P650.00

Other dishes we ordered were Osyter Sisig, Sizzling Sinigang, Boneless Lechon Belly, and Mac’s Boneless Fried Chicken. 
If you’re wondering why I didn’t include Sizzling Sinigang on my favorites list, this is because of my personal experience. When they served the Sizzling Sinigang, I am expecting a “sizzling plate with asim-kilig smell of sinigang” but we were served with a dry and too salty one - maybe because we forgot to mix it immediately. HAHA 

Aside from delectable dishes, Locavore also offers pinoy panghimagas – it’s time for a sweet treat! We ordered Tarta Manga (similar to Conti’s Bananalicous), Turon con Leche, and Bicho-Bicho.
Tarta Manga P240.00

Turon con Leche P220.00

Bicho-Bicho P160.00

The Place
Currently, Locavore has only one branch located at 10 Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City – just a five-minute walk from Ace Water Spa. The ambiance is very simple and minimalist. They have two dine-in areas: air-conditioned rooms and the al fresco area. 
Air-conditioned Room

Al Fresco Area
Another fun and creative factor in this restaurant is the names of their servers/waiters. During our dinner, we met Dingdong D and Piolo P. HAHA I forgot to take photos lang!

Overall, Locavore is a great place for your barkada nights and family dinner. I also recommend this place for food-lovers who want to try Filipino comfort food with a twist! 
  • Make sure to search the place before going there. It's not accessible to commuters.
  • To avoid waiting, make sure you call them in advance and make a reservation.

The Final Verdict
Here's the final verdict of The Promdi Boy:

Ratings (1-5 stars)
Location/ Ambiance

Thanks for dropping by and see you again in my next adventure! ☺

Locavore Kitchen & Drinks
10 Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
(02) 632 9600 | 0923-5889419 
Instagram: @locavore.ph
Twtitter: @locavoreph
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Locavore-Kitchen-Drinks/400958036723741
Website: http://www.locavore.ph 

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