Ariel Commercial is Very Annoying..but finally Ariel happened to me for just 7.50!

If you’re living in the Philippines and watching the television everyday, for sure you will see this new Ariel 7.50 TV Commercial featuring Filipino mothers washing their clothes with their Ariel Swakto Pack:

I know this is a big move for the Ariel brand to capture the mass market given their “high-end” pricing strategy. With this 7.50 pack, I believe that they are trying to leverage on the sachet market - hinging on the “aspirational” aspect of the mothers. You will notice the differences in their TV Commerical:

With this new campaign, they are featuring mothers using "BATYA AND KUSOT” method of “paglalaba”

You will notice that they let go of the “WASHING MACHINE” element in their new TV Commercial

With its “BAKYA” element of music, dance, and LSS factor, they are trying to make it viral.

And yes, finally Ariel grabbed the attention of the market and created buzz online (including this blog. Hahaha.) This is not a paid article, but I want to share this because I started to love their campaign.

Due to its very charming material, netizens started to create their own versions too. So, here are some of the best parody collections of Ariel 7.50 TV Commercial I found online:

The Beki Version


The Goin’ Bulilit Spoof

and the winner is...

none other than...

"Elsa of Frozen" Version

Cheers to Ariel! :)

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