Power of Three: Floral, Vegetable and Agri-livestock Fair at Paradizoo.

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I’m really a big fan of environment protection (but sometimes, it’s not obvious. Haha) and I really enjoy roaming around the zoo and explore some agricultural farm. This year, I heard that Paradizoo, one of the theme parks in the Philippines, will be celebrating the Power of Three: Floral, Vegetable and Agri-livestock Fair.

The Promdi Boy Tip to Commuters:
Paradizoo is located in Mendez, Cavite. From Manila, you can ride a bus going to Olivarez. From Olivarez, you can take a jeepney and ask the driver to get you off at Mendez. From Mendez, you take a tricycle going to Paradizoo. 

Photo from zoomanity.com.ph

The Power of Three is an annual festival in the field of agriculture. According to their website, the event will run from January 10 to March 14 featuring an amazing Animal Parade, a gala for this year of the sheep. Also develop and enjoy your understanding towards agriculture as you will learn the Best Practices in agriculture.

The event will exhibit and display farm produce, sale and auction of livestock (imported breeds of goats for milk and meat, sheep, several pig breeds animal feed, and a lot more). There will be briefings, discussions on breeding programs and free seminar on flower, vegetable and livestock care. 

Photo from zoomanity.com.ph

One of this year’s highlight is the Flower Festival. Be mesmerized to a variety of breath-taking floral designs, formal hedges and topiary starting Jan 17 to Feb 6. Also, you can witness a stunning haven of farm and garden that everyone would wish to experience. Additional attention-catching topics to look forward are The Knowledge of Bonsai and I love You, Mother Nature Seminar as they open their garden to public to learn more about orchid and flower arrangement.

Coming to a zoo wouldn’t be complete without interacting with animals. So from February 7 to February 27, get a chance to intermingle with animals and get to know how to milk a goat, ride the horse, and witness a chicken laying an egg. 

Photo from zoomanity.com.ph

Morever, there will be workshops on the basics of farming in Livestock and Veggie Festival from February 28 to March 14. During the workshop, you will learn and experience how to plant a coffee, a cabbage or event flowers.

Never miss this one of a kind experience! Grab your tickets (P150.00) now! See you! :)

For more information, you can visit www.zoomanity.com.ph or call 8999828 or 08.

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  1. I never been at Paradizoo, and after reading your blog, I got interested to visit this place. This would be a perfect Family Summer Destination, and I would love to be there with my whole family this coming April.


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