Hiyas Modern Filipino Comfort Food, Kapitolyo, Pasig

Last week, I had a chance to meet some foodie bloggers. Finally, I am a foodie blogger (if not, food lover) now. Haha (You can check out my first food trip here).

Thanks to Zomato Philippines – a web and smartphone based app that helps you find and connect with great restaurants in the metro . During the foodie meet-up, we were introduced to a Filipino restaurant in Pasig City - the Hiyas Modern Filipino Comfort Food.


Hiyas is technically new in the industry started operating in 2013 located at D’Strip Building, 20 United Street, Brgy. Kapitolyo Pasig City. This filipino-inspired restaurant offers variety of cuisine that every foodie will surely love.

One nice thing about this restaurant is that they are serving complimentary appetizer while waiting for your orders. This time, they gave us chopped fish balls. (Yum yum! Medyo late ako so I wasn't able to take a photo. Haha)

To start-up, here's the appetizers.
The Appetizers
Pigar Pigar (185.00) and Boneless Adidas [at the back] (P215.00)
According to my research, pigar-pigar is actually a very popular street food in Dagupan. It is made of thin slices of beef and tastes a bit sweet. The other one is one of my favorites - the Boneless Adidas. It tastes like Sisig but it's actually a chicken feet (adobong chicken feet to be exact).

After the appetizers, it's time for the main menu. So let me start with my one of my favorites (actually I like almost all. Hahaha)
The Main Course
Crispy Bicol Express (P345.00)

I'm actually an avid fan of spicy foods. So this Crispy Bicol Express is a favorite of mine. Haha According to the Chef, it is made of pork belly. Wooahhhh! Perfect combination.

Stuffed Talong (P255.00)
Next one is the Stuffed Talong which has ground pork inside. (Nilagang bilog na talong with ground pork!)

Beef Belly Kare Kare (P485.00)
The nutty creamy sauce of Beef Belly Kare Kare made me remember of my Nanay. This is one my favorite dishes (as I mentioned, gusto ko lahat! Hahaha)

Sinampalukang Lechon Manok (P485.00)
Another dish that satisfied my tastebuds - the Sinampalukang Lechon Manok. Perfect combination of roasted chicken and savory soup of sinampalukan! (Not too sour, tamang asim, tamang sarap!) Two thumbs up!

Salmon Sisig (P255.00)
Next in line is the Salmon Sisig. It was done like the usual way of cooking pork sisig but this time, they used Salmon with creamy sauce on top.

En-salad-a (P255.00)
Another dish that grabbed my attention was their En-salad-a (because of its nice presentation). A combination of salted egg, eggplant, lettuce, onions and tomatoes.

Busog ng busog na Pusit (P255.00)
Last but not the least, the "Busog na busog na pusit" ..as in literally. This squid tastes a bit sweet and hindi malansa. Approved! :)
The Desserts
Of course, the foodie meet-up wont be complete without satisfying our sweet tooth. Tadaan!!! Chocnut Turon and Pritong Sorbetes. Yummy!

Chocnut Turon (P185.00)

Pritong Sorbetes (P170.00)
The Ambiance
In terms of its interiors and ambiance, Hiyas has a modern filipino design. Near the entrance, you can see this small library/ entertainment area with cool wall art painting!

The place is a combination of modern and traditional layout with its artistic design and mason jar droplights (perfect for selfies and groupies. Haha)

The Foodie Bloggers
I'm glad to meet these awesome people - my new foodie blogger friends! @Patinfante, @Willfernandezwill, Chelsi, Jammy, Linai and Don!

My new friends :) Photo credits to Linai of foodyhaven.blogspot.com

Thank you and hope to see you again in the future blogger events. Cheers!

Here's the final verdict:

Ratings (1-5 stars)
Location/ Ambiance

Must-try dishes for me are: Boneless Adidas, Stuffed Talong and Crispy Bicol Express

For more information about Hiyas Modern Filipino Comfort Food, visit their official Facebook and Instagram (@hiyas_kapitolyo) account.

For more information about Zomato Philippines, click here.

See you around on my next food trip! :)

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    1. Hope to see you again Chelsi. Hahaha! Nakakamiss yung BONELESS ADIDAS :(


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