RMP Result { Registered Marketing Professionals }

Congratulations to the 2nd Registered Marketing Professional® (RMP) Certification Examination Program batch 2012-2013 Passers!

1. Dagdag, Shianglee
2. Halili, Reeshia Roxanne
3. Castro, Kristine
4. Doctor, Elyssa Jessa
5. Jabaguero, Lorenzo
6. Breis, Jelyn
7. Chua, Joseph Welson
8. Oviedo, Patricia Beatrice
9. Aguilar, Abegail
10. Tamayo, Janelle

Other successful examinees:

For more info about RMP, please visit www.japionline.org

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  1. Hi are those RMP passers already have a stable job? Can RMP assure that passers can get hired by TOP companies in the country, especially students from not popular schools.

    1. Yes :) I have friends who passed the exams and they have stable work now :)

  2. I have 2 friends who passed the RMP exams. They have stable job naman :)

  3. how about those already graduate from college can they also take the examination? is it exclusive only to marketing course.. where could be the venue of their 3rd examination.


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